~Black Butterfly~

The education, de-education, desensitize, double burger with fries, remember the cheese, please remember the cheese, ramifications, they squeeze if you sneeze, a soldier no ease, sleep deprivation, the black man, emasculated, alpha the male, Liam Neesan The Grey, the blackmail, bow your head as they prey, I am the wolf, see me lurk in the bush, my vice is the bush, now there's life in the bush, fruit of my loins, deleted with coins, euthanize, youths will die,  inoculation, depopulation, the greatest of nations, financial segregation, mother is Sodom, father is Edom, aunty Gomorrah, we're slaves to our freedom, we swore it away the moment we pledged our allegiance, join'em to beat'em, that ain't the answer, it pays to play metaphor erotic dancer, can't stick together, look at the Panthers, diabetes AIDS syphilis all the cancers, crabs in a barrel aimed at each other to cancel us, next was Ebola, always been the patrollers, they set up the pins, watch how they bowl us, no silver spoon, but born to rule, cocooned in the hood, being dumb as we should, find a righteous way to hatch we would if we could, all of this planned while you swim in the womb, but dry your eyes butterfly you'll be flying soon.

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