I know you notice me, whether I'm slim, thick, fit, your complimentary thirst irks me, who cares if you're team no kids with a job nigga you still ain't shit. With yo unfaithful ass, I know it's in your DNA, yo mama said yo daddy was MIA, lemme guess you're different, yea okay. Never knowing what yall want, yall are either weak or control freaks but never equipped to keep a strong black woman like me. Oh since you think you got a little money and a degree you can feel the squeeze between my knees?...nigga please! 

I've done my part. I've avoided jail, gone to college and have 3 degrees. I didn't have to make it shucking and jiving nor running and hooping. I'm not like those others that sold drugs or gang banged, I stayed on the straight and narrow with a six figure income. I'm no statistic! I'm not like them, honestly I don't even like them, because all they want to do is smoke, drink, and talk about how much money they're gonna make by doing whatever get rich quick scams. They're all schemers and dreamers, well I'm a doer and if you grant me this partnership for my business, I'll take you from making Ms to Bs....but you gotta help a nigga, please!  

I know your type, you're all the same, Coons to the core. You jigaboos are all so entertaining, I love your reality TV shows, all of that drama and you guys are still broke after your shows. You wannabes will never be a Kardashian. Remember your place and who's the master race, I mean if you all were the "first people", God made us whites to get it right. Realizing He made a planet of the Apes, He flooded the world to get rid of you non swimming, dense bone having,  baboons. How you all keep surviving is your only testament, you all are like roaches, no matter how many elaborate ways we conjure to exterminate you moon crickets, all you do is keep making more niggletes. Honestly, your women, are a marvel to look at,  while laying on their backs. And your men, if they're not in jail, are on our screens doing our bidding because they want money not freedom. We let you have your little moment of black lives matter and ruffle some feathers with your racially charged movies. We don't care! Think about it now, you niggers don't even trust each other, how are you ever going to overcome anything? and you expect to sit at the elite table with me...nigger please! 

Wake up! I hear you my sister. I know your struggle in trusting a brother. I respect you, you know your worth and deserve all the finer things. But let me drop a jewel on being a black queen, Never! give up on your black kings. I see you my studious  brother. Well accomplished, don't get it wrong your people are proud of you. Your folks may come with their hands out for help but before you go to isolate yourself let me drop my two pennies on your road to riches, no matter how much you try to be like them they're still going to see you as one of us, niggas. Often imitated but never duplicated, you want to be us don't you, you love the ass tits lips and the bronzish skin, you know the words to our songs jock our style and slang, culture vultures how are yall playing a bunch of Africans? Oh you were chained hands to feet drug over seas hung from trees? Nah your agenda for me keep them appeased with weak mc's that look like me, they search and seize like shoot then freeze then shoot the breeze while families grieve, I sees no cease, cops on us like fleas my hands are up officer, I cant! Hold on give me a second to breathe...now we see your Trump card, thank you disparaging AmeriKKKa attempting to bury my history so vividly remembering what master did to me give us free, but not before you trap our minds and life's okay as long as it remains black on black crimes just listen to our rhymes so while all of our women are bitches and dimes, my bro sashays from BPA, my sister thinks stripping is okay but yet say she a queen now Bey say slay in formation with lyrics that have nothing to do with saving our black generation, yet elation exist with you all this must be a joke bcuz ain't no such thing as half way woke! Retribution for the prostitution, pollution, and lies. Restitution from whence we came, royalty.  It's clear you hear your fear in the air, the heirs are here awake to what's theirs. Never depleted never defeated,  praying for power never to plead it if ever seen on our knees, so if anyone ever tells you you're no king you're no queen none of yall will ever be free! Look them in the eyes and say...nigga please!

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