~The Baptism~

Spiritual cleansing, all the binging in sin, hold me under, a little longer to be safe. My flesh hungers, it says it's needed, to feed it, hell, it feels so damned good. Dancing in the lions den. Demons delight when I let them in, come on chameleon, your fickle nature negates the prayer you prayed when preyed by them that dwell in the dim. Spirit slim flesh fat, flesh clean spirit tat. Miracle light needed to remove that, combat every craving desperation admiration at what lust must be, it whispers just trust me. It yearns for me when I'm all alone in my thoughts all I hear is knock knock knock. Peter piper pull your pepper out, leave your essence on your slouch socks or be a sly fox hit up a vixen and say you'll beat the box. I hope this demon really kicks the rocks, as I wash away all my sins today and accept the one that was sent to pay. Potentially I'm meant to be the greatest man that I can be but not without river first immersing then re birthing me. Draw me out,am I clean? Am I free? Surely.

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